Going Abroad With Your Pets?

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With the UK leaving Europe there have been major changes to the pet passport scheme.  So if you are planning on traveling with your pet please see our information below as well as the government website:


Marple Veterinary Centre has several staff who are trained as official veterinarians who will be able to help you with any travel requirements.

  • UK issued pet passports – these are now INVALID. (keep hold of them as records but cannot use)

  • EU issued passports – VALID  – but UK vets cannot write anything in them so must get rabies boosters etc done out in the EU at correct time to remain valid. If left to go overdue, this will then become invalid.

  • AHC’s (Animal Health Certificates) – These are the new alternative to a pet passport.

            – must be issued by an official vet within 10 days of departure.

            – valid for 10 days after issue for leaving the UK

            – valid for up to 4 months of onward travel around the EU and re-entry into UK within this time frame.

            – New AHC needed for every trip however long the trip lasts.

            -Owner must provide official vets with proof of rabies vaccination and proof of microchip implantation date.

What animals will need to travel

Valid EU issued passport or AHC needed for every trip to EU or Northern Ireland for holiday.  This must be for non-commercial purposes and must be for less that 5 animals.

in order to travel animals will need

            -registered microchip.

            -valid rabies vaccine (at least 21 days before travel if not a booster).

            – Valid EU issued passport or an AHC for each trip within 10 days of starting travel.

            – tapeworm treatment by official veterinarian 1-5 days before leaving if going directly to Finland, Norway, Malta or Ireland (both northern or southern).

If going to non- EU country or commercially to the EU you will need an export health certificate (EHC) – Owners must arrange this with APHA/DEFRA first who will send us information to complete.

Prior to attending your AHC appointment please download and complete the document, you can email it (instructions in document) or drop it in to us.

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