Marple Veterinary Centre provides medical, surgical and diagnostic facilities including:

  • Separate operating theatre – We provide gold standard anaesthesia for our patients, which includes pre-anaesthetic blood screening, Isofluorane and Vetofol (propofol) anaesthetic. In here we have monitoring systems to help look after your anaesthetised animals.  We check the body temperatures, and blood pressures and thanks to the monitoring machines, we gain extra information about the quality of their breathing and as it incorporates an ECG machine, the heartbeat as well!
Operating theatre
  • Prep room – This is “the back”, where we take your pets if we need to perform a more complicated procedure. Most of the blood sampling, nail clipping, placing catheters and many more things goes on in here…..everything we do that you cannot see.
  • Digital X-ray – The new developing device allows us to see the images very quickly and more clearly than ever. We can also change parameters digitally, like the contrast, to see specific areas better. Previously, we may have needed to retake the x-ray increasing the anaesthetic time for your pets.
  • Lab area –  This is where we can run comprehensive in-house blood screening and urine analysis as well as using our microscope for any in house cytology.
  • Ultrasonography – because not all imaging is X-rays! Our ultrasound scanner helps check internal organs. It allows us to diagnose a large range of conditions, from heart problems to pregnancies!

  • Dental suite and imaging room- a separate room to avoid cross-contamination where we scale, polish and extract teeth. We can also perform dental X-rays that let us see the health of the tooth roots.
  • Isolation kennels- We use these when we suspect there is a case of a contagious disease that could spread to other patients. It is separate from the normal kennels, but we will still keep your pet cosy with thick bedding, an air conditioning and heating unit and plenty of room for big and small patients alike.
Isolation kennels
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